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  1. July 4, 2019 Changelogs

    High Wizard: Magic Crasher buffed by 50% Ninja: Exploiding Dragon damage buffed by 30% Reduced Exploding Dragon skill delay Stalker: Bowling Bash damage by stalker nerfed by 20% Creator: Acid Demonstration buffed by 10%. Items: UBH effect buffed Added Casino Grand Prize Box at the cCasino NPC with 1% chance Box contains: Costumes, 150 PODS, Valkyrie Parts Set and ROP, Sleipnir, FBH, Ifrit, Atroce, Gloom, Stormy Knight, Valkyrie Randgris Card Starter Pack updated Added bound Jollow Mask, Icarus weapons and Hokage Added monster arena (@warp jupe_ele) Added Arena Points Shop (@warp 1@ghvy 45 89) Breaker Points is now fixed MVP Card points shop price reduced Breaker points shop price reduced Glowing Brown Witch Hat and Flame Aura combo effect Added Castle Drop Exchanger NPC at Prontera 165 156 Expanded job hp increased by 10% Added new MVP (Toad) every 2 hours Added new set of hard quest costumes HP+2% enchant from enchanters are now fixed PvP Room: Added Donation PvP Room Added Non-Donation PvP Room Mushroom Event New Maps: Izlude Hugel Xmas Geffen
  2. June 25, 2019 Changelogs

    Added Poring Race Event! You need 10,000,000 Zeny to join Battleground changes: Minimum players to join = 2 Maximum players to join = 6 PvP Room: PK OFF Players cannot enter the arena Last Man Standing: PK OFF Players cannot enter this event Devil Square: Added new rewards = can get random 5 pcs of Donation Points Box, Gold Coins and Rokstar Badge from treasure chest Box: Added Castle Drop Box and 1 POD to WoE Box Old Blue Box' chance to get materials reverted back to default Item Effects: Buffed Sleipnir's effects Buffed VH's effects Valkyrie Helm and Vampire Wings' new combo effect Broadcaster: New location at Prontera 165 173 King of Emperium: Increased Donation Points from 5 to 20 Increased Credits from 5 to 15 Guild War: Emperium's HP increased from 5m to 15m MVP: Normal MVPs now drops Gold Coin with 30% drop rate Reward NPC: Disabled for now. On going changes. Donate NPC: Added New Donate weapons Added New Donate item Costume Shop NPC: Added new quest donates costumes(ATK,MATK,HP) Events: Dice event prize increased credits prize from 5 to 10 Dice event prize increased dpb prize from 1 to 3 Added new automated event poring race. Shops: Added new items in invasion shop Added new items in hourly shop Added new items in PvP Shop
  3. GUILD OF THE MONTH Get ready for one of our Biggest Event! Prove that you are the King of this Server! Etenal Ragnarok Online's Guild of the month is here! When: June 23, 2019 (8:15PM Call time) Guild of the month Mechanics: Best of 3 per match (depends on how many guild will join) No losers bracket 26 vs 26 No rare cards Donate items are not allowed Only Freebies Box/Items, Normal Wings (Lv. 1), and normal weapons (+ icarus weaps) are allowed Costume Quests/Donates/PvP/Invasion/Rare are not allowed Maximum of 5 minutes per round There will be 2 DC call per guilds only Hard quest items are not allowed Suits are not allowed Shadow Garb are not allowed All enchant stones are disabled during the event Prizes: Guild of the month: 2000 worth of Donation (Guild Leader only) Yggdrasil Seed/Berry Box (10x each member) EDP/BOT/Glistening Coat Box (10x each member) Credit (50x each member) Donation Points Box (100x each member) Castle Drop Box (1x each member) Guild of the month unique costume and effect (1x each member) Consolation (Minimum of 15 members to claim) Donation Pts Box (50x each member) Yggdrasil Berry and Seed (5x each member) Credit (30x each member)
  4. June 13, 2019 Changelogs

    New Prontera Map! Events Added: Tic Tac Toe! You need 1 Tic Tac Toe Ticket to play in this event Ticket can be bought at Valhalla Trader for 10 credits(go mall upper mid part) Use this event anytime by just typing @tictactoe Other user must use @tictactoeaccept to accept the event/challenge Disguise Event: Added 3 random prizes(gold coin,rok star badge and credit). Normal MVP Cards From 3% to 5% droprate MOBS: Zealotus increased the amount in Dungeons from 1 to 5. Respawn time from 1 hour changed to 20~30 minutes per respawn Golden Peco inside the Gold Room has been increased and reduced respawn time Echio respawn time reduced Gopinich card implemented / 2 hours spawn time Monster difficulty in choco square reduced Entrance in choco square are now 10m from 50m. MISC: Silver Valkyrie Set is now tradable Choco Square entrance fee changed from 50m to 10m Yggdrasil Dew price in Usable NPC from 10m to 800k Naga Shield drop rate increased from 20% to 50% Enable direct warp to spl_fild01, 02 and 03 Added donation Points box in treasure box inside choco square (chance) Choco square rare mvp hp from 30m to 20m Removed +20 flee in Pine Jubilee and made it +15 hit for 10 minutes ITEM BUFF: Danzo Bandage Vampire Wings Bunch of Carnations Traveler's Hat SHOPS: Added Whickebine Ears in Vote Shop Added Bunch of Carnation quest in payon 102 275 Added Flame Aura option in storyline quest Added Food Box in Hourly Shop Added Atroce monster in choco square with .30% card drop chance Added Rok Star Badge and Gold Coin Box at Invasion Shop Added new baby 2nd job suit quest Added new costume in pvp shop, costume shop, donate shop New Donate costumes Lord Knight: Spear Boomerang delay reduced Damage buffed Assassin Cross: Soul Destroyer delay reduced Damage buffed Insta Job Because Choco loves you, an Insta-job script has been loaded. You just need to create a new character for this to take effect NPC: 1. Added 2% atk, matk, hp in equipments and costumes enchanter (random).
  5. May 29, 2019 Changelogs

    New Prontera map will be implemented later tonight! We just need to fix some errors in client side Added Dummy Rare Mobs Stormy Knight Ifrit Randgris Wounded Morocc Second Edition WoE: Break points from WoE SE is now countable nosave in Morocc Castle is now fixed MOBS: Added Tomb for Wounded Morocc Atroce now drops card. Respawn time every 3 hours at ra_fild03 only Leaf Cat and Echio increased amount of monster from 20 and 60 to 120 inside the map Invasion: Added Silver Coin to Invasion Boss King of Emperium: KoE Time backed to 7:00-7:30PM Automated Events: Last Man Standing Event is now fixed Map is PvP ON Can attack party members and guild mates Story Line: Added Story Line quest of Devil Wings Item Effects: New effects of Silver VM for Thief Class Bunch of Carnations new effects Sword Barrier new effects Icarus Axe new effects Flame Aura new effects RARE BOSS: Atroce is now implemented Can be found at ra_fild03 for 1% drop rate Added Silver Coin in every Rare MVPs Whitesmith: Cart Termination Damage increased by 15% Freebies: Added Silver Valkyrie Helm and Vote accessories in starter pack box. The IDs of these new freebies are different in original item from vote shop NPC: Added morning dew of yggdrasil at usable npc at go mall Added Upgraded Wings Quest at @go quest Morning dew of yggdrasil auto resurrection after 5 seconds when killed by boss monster Added new item in donation shop Devil Choco Square is now implemented
  6. May 22, 2019 Changelogs

    Reward NPC is back! You need to stay in-game for 6 hours to get 1 Mystic Branch The NPC will stil read your in-game stay time even you logout/disconnect Let's kneel before him to get the reward! Valhalla: Added Donate Points converter You can trade your 100 Donate Points into 1 POD Single Strip is now fixed Equip Enchanter: Top and Middle Gears can now be enchanted Breaker Ladder is now fixed Points are now reflecting when you broke a castle 50 Break Points is needed to buy 1 Castle Drop High Priest: Sanctuary changes: Minimum heal of sanc is 10k When equipped 4 Bacsojin card, heal will get up to 22k only Paladin: Switching of different shield has been back to original state When Paladin has a shield buffs while devoing a PT member then he/she switch shield, the shield buffs will gone but the Devotion skill is still there. I'll be there - Michael Jackson Clown: Arrow Vulcan skill delay reduced from 800ms to 650ms Assassin Cross: Soul Breaker skill delay reduced from 700ms to 400ms Creator: Potion Pitch is now fixed Normal Pitch = 8000+ HP Pitch with Link = 30000-50000+ HP, depends on VIT of the character he/she pitched Rare Boss: Fallen Bishop is now implemented! Randomly spawns in the map Unable to warp in abbey02. You need to walk until you see the true color of life. Satan Morocc now drops 1x Silver Coin Spawn time: every 2 hours HP: 30,000,000 Randgris' respawn time is now 5 hours Vote Shop: Added Power of Thor Added Chii Ears WoE Shop: Added new WoE Costumes New Shop Added: Suit Shop 3rd Job Costumes can be obtained thru Quest Headgears: Added new Quest Headgear and Middle gears Donate Shop: Added Flame Aura Invasion Shop: All headgears are now costume Added new Invasion Costume Lotti NPC: 5 Credits is needed to play in this Event Contains random costume box (10% chance rate) Mob drops: Bloody Edge is now 100% drop rate BG Shop: Mystic Branch set from 500 to 300 Rok Badge Item Effects: Silver Valkyrie Manteau has new effects GMG's additional Atk per job level reduced from 7 to 3. WoE and KoE Reward: Additional 5 Donate Points for the winners Autoloot: Maximum @alootid is now set to 30 Usable NPC: Added Barricade Repair Kit Added Guardian Repair Kit Thanatos Tower: All maps are now warpable Quests: Added new Quest Costumes Added new quest headgear Added new quest middle headgear Dice Event: Triggers every 20 minutes Prize: 5 credits
  7. Break The Seal Quest

    Break the Seal Item Requirements: Talon of Griffon - 25 Ancient Lips - 300 Peridots - 30 Biotite - 25 Agate - 25 Rose Quartz - 25 Phlogopite - 25 Muscovite - 25 Young Twig - 15 Mother's Nightmare - 15 Matchstick - 25 Hand Of God - 200 Cursed Seal - 300 Fragment of Rossata Stone - 15 Skeletal Armor Piece - 15
  8. May 13, 2019 Changelogs

    Card Trader Shop is now fixed Added Repairman in BG Map New map for BG Professor: Added 2 seconds cooldown on Stone Curse Gunslinger: Spread Attack damage increased by 3% Lord Knight: Spear Boomerang damage is now fixed New KoE Time: from 7:30-8:00PM to 10:00-10:30PM WoE: Barricade HP from 2m to 2.5m Break the Seal quest is now implemented Added Thanatos in Bloody Branch Drops Skeletal Armor Piece to be used in Quest Drop rate: 5% Note: Original Thanatos drops SAP for 100% Misc: Added upto 84 hairstyles Quest: Added Accessories Shop NPC Added new Middle Gear Quest MOBS: Valkyrie Randgris is now implemented Effects: can be seen at Announcement section Costume Rare Box: Added new items inside this box Mystic Branch: Added Valkryei Randgris Donate NPC: Added Valkyrie Set Added new Donate Costumes Note: We're still working on the issues on Strip Helm and Pitch issues. Trying our best to fix this until the next maintenance. Thanks for understanding.
  9. Donation Promo!

    Donation Promo for May 10 to 20 only! For every 2000 PHP or 40 USD = Additional 20 PODS only For every 3000 PHP or 60 USD = Additional 35 PODS only For every 5000 PHP or 100 USD = Additional 100 PODS and a Limited costumes below:
  10. Eternal Battleground

    Eternal Battleground Event starts at: Every 0025, 0325, 0925, 1225, 1525, 1825, 2025, 2325
  11. April 29, 2019 Changelogs

    King of PvP Benefits: Increases your Attack rate to 5% Increases your Magic attack rate to 5% Increases your HP rate to 5% - You must be the first one to kill inside the PvP Room to earn the King Title - You will get the benefits once you are the King - When you died as a King, the player who killed you will be the new King - Party is now disabled in PvP Room - Same guild can now attack each other in PvP Room - You cannot enter the PvP Room while WoE is being held Costume Enchanter - Added Lower option in Costume Enchanter Card Trader - You can exchange your MVP Cards for 2 Card Points - You can exchange your Mini Boss Cards for 1 Card Points - You can buy valuable items with your Card Points Ammo behavior: Should ammo be unequipped when unequipping a weapon? From NO to YES again Run for your life Event Added cartcheck to prevent players with cart to enter the event map Icewall outside the castle is now disabled Buffed some of the weapons: Icarus Bow Icarus Sword Icarus Katar Icarus Shuriken Icarus Staff High Wizard: Buffed Jupitel Thunder damage Buffed Meteor Storm damage Buffed Storm Gust damage Buffed Magic Crasher Reduce delay of Magic Crasher Sniper: Buffed Sharpshooting ddamage Gunslinger: Buffed Desperado damage Lord Knight: Buffed Bowling Bash damage High Priest: Buffed Holy Light damage Donate NPC: Added new donate items Added new Matk Costume Lower Quests: Added new lower costume with effects Added Hokage Hat Quest Costume Rare Box: Added new Costume(Robo Eye) Reward NPC: Disabled for now. Currently configuring to make it continuously read even you logout Added Eternal Battleground Event Every 0025, 0325, 0925, 1225, 1525, 1825, 2025, 2325 Prizes: 5 pcs rok badge for the winners 1 pc rok badge for the losers Branch: Added Hydro Mob in Bloody Branch RARE BOSS: Ifrit now drops a card GAMEPLAY: Status effect/resist has been reverted back to default
  12. Minor changes

    Weight of icarus spear increased from 0 to 350. Blank Eyes effect on sharp shooting skill damage fixed. Food box from pvp shop are now tradable. Please update your patcher!
  13. Increase and Decrease

    Okay noted thanks.
  14. Gemstones

    Hmm. Okay thanks for reporting. I'll fix this on mainte. Ty sir!
  15. Make Time Continuable

    We'll try sir